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Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabulous CHANEL Messenger Bag Spring Summer 2010 Handbag Collection

I just got an email from Bergdorf Goodman, CHANEL messenger bag in either Caviar leather or Denim (Jeans fabric) with HUGE CC logo! sooo cute ! I am getting the caviar leather version! you can carry cross the body with leather strap or pull out the metal chains to carry it as tote,too! Fab !

Availabe at Bergdorf Goodman
Handbag Specialist Jesse Kopischke (212) 872-2519


Nordstrom Downtown Portland
Handbag Specialist Ryan Deleon 503-224-6666 ext. 1256

In the photo below was model by one of my favorite sales associate (Ryan Deleon @ Nordstrom Portland), to show you the proportion of this messenger against the size of male body, I think it will look fabulous on a guy!

Also just got an email from Bergdorf Goodman of this fabulous & Humongous CHANEL 2.55 Reissue bag made of light grey fabric! So perfect for the summer !

Availabe at Bergdorf Goodman
Handbag Specialist Jesse Kopischke (212) 872-2519

I have to say CHANEL is really smart to create this messenger style bag base on their most famous classic style! it's big enough even our male fashionistas can carry it! it's a must-have bag this year!

If you are interested to get one, don't forget to call

Bergdorf Goodman and ask for Handbag specialist
Jesse Kopischke (212) 872-2519

or at Nordstrom Portland Handbag Specialist
Ryan Deleon 503-224-6666 ext. 1256

Both of them are my favorite sales associate, super friendly and can help you you to find & locate hard to find limited edition handbags! I don't know what I would do without their help haha! They are like my shopping buddies! give them a call !

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

Friday, April 9, 2010

Haider Ackermann - My New Favorite Dark Glamour Designer Since Alexander McQueen Passed Away

I am officially a loyal fan of Haider Ackermann’s designs! Ever since my favorite Alexander McQueen has passed away last month, there was a “void” in me that is seeking a new designer that as equally talented and the designs are truly unique that takes our breath away…. And I think I’ve found it, Aider Ackermann !

The master draper, the rumoured Margiela replacement, and the man who calls Tilda Swinton muse. Who exactly is this Columbian, Belgian-trained designer who has taken his place on the Parisian fashion circuit?

Actress Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann

One of Antwerp Belgium’s brightest young stars, Haider Ackermann has seen many more ports than the one fronting the town in which he now lives and works. Born in Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia, in 1971, he was adopted by a French family. Due to his father’s business obligations, he spent his childhood moving around the globe.

After living in Ethiopia, Chad, France, Algeria and the Netherlands, he decided fashion was his vocation. High school finished, he left home in 1994 and headed for Belgium to study at the fashion department of Antwerp’s Royal Academy. During his three-year stay (he left the four-year course prematurely because of financial difficulties), he also worked as an intern at John Galliano’s Paris office.

Taking a job as an assistant to his former academy teacher Wim Neels in 1998, he worked on both the men’s and womenswear collections of the Belgian designer. After saving money and taking encouragement from his friends and acquaintances –among them Raf Simons – Ackermann finally took the plunge and presented his first, self- financed women’s collection in Paris for autumn/winter 2002.

His subtle, dignified and sensuous clothes immediately struck a chord with buyers and editors, as they did with Italian leather manufacturer Ruffo. Just two weeks after his debut show, Ackermann was hired as the head designer for Ruffo Research and commissioned to create two collections (spring/ summer and autumn/ winter 2003), while continuing to produce his own line.

Ackermann is now receiving even wider acclaim, not least in the form of the prestigious Swiss Textiles Award at the 2004 Grand Fashion Festival. Ackermann’s sensitivity with drape and textures shows through in every collection.

In his fall winter 2010 collection shown at the Paris fashion week last month (March 7th 2010) Ackermann showcased his signature fitted leather and suede vests and jackets are back, but this time with even more drama. That's thanks to both long, undulating collars that can be wrapped around the neck any number of ways and zipped-on peplums that are easily detached, should the woman wearing them so choose.

"I wanted it to be totally up to you," Ackermann said backstage, alluding to the clothes’ timely utilitarianism. On the bottom, his fans’ options will include, as usual, leather leggings or floor-scraping skirts with deep slits, along with new, more tailored trousers. It was a beautiful show that I am speechless by his talent & vision.

Click on the video player below to see his Fall Winter 2010 fashion show

I hope you enjoy Haider Ackermann’s creations as much as I do! Until next time, be well & look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shabby Chic Easter Table Crafts & Favors – Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs Martha Stewart Style

Today is the Easter Holiday & I would like to wish all of our Christian & Catholic readers a Happy Easter & to our Jewish readers, Happy Passover!  So in this blog posting, we would like to share with you one of my favorite way to decorate the Easters eggs that I've learned from the domestic diva Martha Stewart! So join us with this super fun project & brighten a clutch of undyed eggs with stylized patterns from paper napkins, then tuck them into chipboard baskets to give as Easter favors.

No need for meticulous cutting: A loose trim around the designs will do, as the napkins' edges will blend into the eggshells.
Chipboard baskets, packed with the colorful creations and holiday sweets, are decorated with coordinating tags.

Blow Out Eggs

1. Pierce both ends of a raw egg using the tip of a sharp craft knife. Twist knife gently in holes to widen them slightly, with bottom hole a bit larger.

2. Poke a straightened paper clip into the larger hole; pierce yolk, and stir.

3. Hold egg, larger hole down, over a bowl. Insert the tip of a rubber ear syringe (available at drugstores) into smaller hole. Blow air into egg to expel its contents. Rinse egg with warm water; drain. Blow air into egg again. Let dry.

Paper-Napkin Decoupage How-To

Patterned white paper napkins (we used Summer Hamptons Lunch Napkins No. 4873, $5.95 per set of 20, by Paper Products Design, from

Cherry-Blossom paper napkins in sky blue No. 004817, $6.25 per set of 20, from

Mod Podge glue sealant (matte finish: No.19574255), by Plaid, from, or similar decoupage glue

Small and medium craft brushes with noncolored handles

Blown-out eggs

Optional for Display

Paper tags & Wood filler

Mini baskets, from

3/8-inch reed handles (No. 1038F), from

Easter grass in Cappuccino (No. GR009), $3 per 3 ounces, from

Here is an episode of my favorite show "Martha Stewart Living" Easter special

Isn't this project super easy?  I hope this posting inspired you to go to your local craft store and create your own super chic easter eggs to impress all of your fashionista friends! If you like to learn more fun & chic decorating ideas and tips, click here to visit Martha Stewart's official website ! I LOVE her! she is fabulous!

Until next time, be well & look fabulous! Happy Easter & Passover!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

Friday, April 2, 2010

Top 50 Signature Handbags Illustrated by Jameson Simpson LA Times

I was flipping through the LA Times newspaper and saw this article about the top 50 signature handbags illustrated by Jameson Simpson, it is just way too fabulous!! All of your favorite designer bags, you name it, they got it! I just love how Jameson illustrated each bag with clean lines and almost cartoonish feel to it! Check it out and leave us a comment to share with us what is your top 6 handbags! I will post my pick of my top 6 bags at the end of this posting!

Here is our pick for the Top 6 bags I love !!!

Please tell us what's your favorite bags from this list, leave us a message in the comment section!

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

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