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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Am A Closet Geek....High Tech Futuristic Gadgets Makes Me Happy !

Yes, I admit it, I am a closet geek! haha. Growing up in the heart of silicon valley, San Jose California, I can't help it to love the high-tech & futuristic gadgets!

Remember when you were promised all those amazing future tech innovations? Just around the corner was supposed to be a shining technology utopia with flying cars, personal space travel to distant galaxies, and bio-implantable cell phones. It's almost disappointing enough to make you sit at home and watch old episodes of "Space 1999".
Don't lose hope! An amazing glimpse of this promised future has just arrived in the form of the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard.

(Available at

This tiny device laser-projects a keyboard on any flat surface... you can then type away accompanied by simulated key click sounds. It really is true future magic at its best. You'll be turning heads the moment you pull this baby from your pocket and use it to compose an e-mail on your bluetooth enabled PDA or Cell Phone. With 63 keys and and full size QWERTY layout the Laser Virtual Keyboard can approach typing speeds of a standard keyboard... in a size a little larger than a matchbook.

Here are some of the awesome features:
- Connects to PDAs Smartphones and Computers using Bluetooth

- Projects a full size keyboard onto any flat surface

- Projects a full size keyboard onto any flat surface

- Allows the convenience of regular keyboard typing in a tiny form factor

- Rechargeable battery lasts for 120 minutes of continuous typing

- Tiny size only 3.5 inches high

So if your cell doesn't have a full keyboard like a Blackberry, Sidekick and sick of typing emails or tex using the 3 characters per button kinda thing, then give this laser virtual keyboard a try, it's awesome!! you'll be surprise how sensitive the keyboard is, you DO NOT have to tap the "key" hard at all, just type it as you normally do!

Untill next time... I'm Doing a Mr. Spock's Vulcan greeting .... Live Long and Prosper!


Alan + Mei-Mei the Pug


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