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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fabulously Romantic DIY Valentine's Day Gift & Decoration Ideas

If you are tired of the same old same old boring chocolate gifts, romance dinner, roses, there’s something new you can try for the upcoming Valentine's Day. We've found some super fun & "EASY" to do, yes I mean easy steps with big visual effect if my kind of DIY projects haha. These DIY love projects will surprise your loved ones and make this year's Valentine's day that much more warmer in the heart & romantic!

Valentine's Day Love Canopy Tent

Imagine you & your lover sitting next to the fireplace, cuddling, kissing, drinking champagne & feeding each other chocolate dipped strawberries in a romantic canopy tent you built yourself in your living room .... How romantic is that?! so we've found a easy step by step tutorial by the Lose Angeles based designer Justina Blakeney to show us how.

Step 1: You will need 4 screw hooks or S hooks if your ceiling has something you can hang the canopy. 1 spool of twine, and a long stick. Secure the stick & hang from the ceiling, then Find some beautiful sheets, sarongs or large piece of fabric, in any theme you like to go after, maybe you like the "English Victorian Garden" feel, or Asian Imperial City flair or like in the photo here we are going for the "Bohemian Moroccan" kind look. Drape over the fabrics of your choice and use some safety pins to lift up the front opening as shown in the photo below.

Step 2: Making heart shaped garland by Using the news paper to cut out various sizes of heart shapes or you can buy those heart shaped cake decoration paper, and string through with twine.


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