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Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Lady of Fashion - Michelle Obama

The First lady (in some country the Queen & Princess) whom represent the women of their country has always had fashionista's attention to their fabulous clothes & accessories. Ever since Jacqueline Kennedy the very first American fashion icon first lady of John F. Kennedy, American women has always look up to & imitate the style & looks of their first lady. 

Jacqueline Kennedy

Michelle Obama At State Dinner with Indian Prime Minister in Naeem Khan
(Photo courtesy of Nicolas Kamm)

After Jackie Kennedy then Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush our current first lady Michelle Obama; all has their unique taste of style. But what made it extra unique with Michelle Obama is, she is the very first African-American first lady and because of her beautiful skin tone, she can wear and look fabulous in many bright vibrant color & prints garments that many of the previous first lady cannot pull it off! Also because she is the most athletic first lady we've ever had, she has nice toned arms and body, that she can experiment and look great in some special cuts of garments.

At Wounded Warrior Event in Barbara Tfank dress
(Photo courtesy of Samantha Appleton)

Singing in the White House in Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 dress
(Photo courtesy of Samantha Appleton)

We especially like how she mix and match some super expensive couture garments with some inexpensive separates such as from the Gap, J-Crew and jazz it up with some fabulous precious gem stone accessories, all in a fun bold printed, flirty yet elegant way, that Michelle Obama does it so well.

Michelle Obama at 2011 Military Child of the Year Award
(Photo courtesy of Cliff Owen)

Spain vacation in Jean Paul Gaultier
(Photo courtesy of Jorge Guerrero)


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