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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Disney's Fallen Princess - A Reality Check on Happily Ever After by Dina Goldstein

I recently have come across Dina Goldstein’s photography artworks “Disney Fallen Princess” and it makes me both laughing out loud & sad at the same time and wonder what if all these Disney Princess had left their “Fantasy Land” where everything is all happy & filled with flowers & pink glitters and thrown them into our world, what their lives would be like? Dina Goldstein; a skilled photographer who has explored what might have happened to fairy tale characters once the well known part of the story ended.

Snow White & Prince Charming Trapped in a Domestic Nightmare
(Click on the photo to see a larger size photo)

Rapunzel Deals With Cancer In Hospital & Lost Her Hair
(Click on the photo to see a larger size photo)


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